Justin Jay & Friends – ‘Fantastic Voyage (The Album!)’ [Part 2: Indecision]Justin Jay Friends Indecision Part 2

Justin Jay & Friends – ‘Fantastic Voyage (The Album!)’ [Part 2: Indecision]

Throughout the first half of 2016, Justin Jay has oscillated between his Dirtybird-endorsed solo career and his collaborative side project, Justin Jay & Friends. The dynamic venture was founded upon the idea of Justin Jay featuring his different musical accomplices on various tracks, each different from the last. His inaugural body of work was the first part of an evolving LP, Fantastic Voyage (The Album!), that is broken up into various EPs released on different labels, the first finding home on Black Butter.

Only one month later, Justin Jay & Friends return with the sophomore installment of the album that bodes a very different temperament. Titled Part 2: Indecision and released on the UK’s Freerange Records, the follow up EP is composed of four tracks: “I See You” with producer Ulf Bonde and vocalist Josh Bridges, “Indecision” with the same two plus guitarist Benny Bridges, a dub mix of “Indecision,” and a remix of “Indecision” by Edward.

“I See You” is an 8-minute, tribal mind-warp that entrances listeners into a hypnotic percussion loop with Josh Taylor’s soothing voice dominating the second half to keep the track fresh. The title track of Part 2, “Indecision, once again has Josh Taylor serenading listeners while Benny Bridges providing sharp bass plucks and Ulf Bonde assisting on the overall production for the lounge-ready final output. Finally, the dub mix of “Indecision” fades Taylor’s vocals into the background to accentuate the slightly different instrumental, while mysterious producer Edward elongates the track to lengthy 9 minutes and takes “Indecision” into the deepest depths of the house realm.

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