Lorn – STUCKINTHESYSTEM (Original Mix)Lorn Stuck In The System

Lorn – STUCKINTHESYSTEM (Original Mix)

It’s always a breathe of fresh air to find an artist who has created and mastered a truly unique style of songwriting and production. With his first release since his third album, Vessel, which he put out at the beginning of this year, Lorn continues to prove that he has dedicated himself to being one of those artists. His cavernous sound design is as dark and heavy as his uncommon style of songwriting is profound and mysterious, and it would be a rare thing indeed to find a producer with a similar sound.

With “STUCKINTHESYSTEM,” Lorn creates an immense world in which ambient, reverberated synths call out above his signature rumbling low-end that manages to stay distinct amongst the inky textures. As with all of his music, he paints an abstract yet vivid image that can be interpreted a myriad of ways, though the title of the track gives the listener a slight hint at what story this particular track is telling. The mysterious producer said that he is working on his fourth album, which is sure to extend his adventure into the depths of sound design even further.

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