Martin Garrix unleashes new ID at Indy 500 SnakepitMartin Garri

Martin Garrix unleashes new ID at Indy 500 Snakepit

For many in the US, Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer. It should not be a surprise, then, that Martin Garrix used his performance at the Indy 500 Snakepit to drop a new ID that will likely become an integral part of his main stage performances this festival season.

Unlike his previous release “Lions In The Wild,” which featured lush, sweeping orchestral elements, this new track goes for a retro-video game vibe, featuring a distinctly 16-bit flavor. The producer’s 16-bit production gives way at the drop, where the signature Garrix sound of gargantuan sonic walls pulse over a thumping kick drum while a saccharine and optimistic lead creates an undeniably ebullient progressive anthem.

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