Mr Fijiwiji – Dogma EPMr FijiWiji Dogma EP

Mr Fijiwiji – Dogma EP

It takes a certain type of person to be able to go after two very distinct, different pursuits, both difficult, and be successful at both. Musicians seem to frequently be part of this group, as the vast majority have to hold day jobs in order to support the sometimes expensive and time-consuming activity that is music production.

Mr Fijiwiji takes this to the extreme by being a successful producer and a college student studying neuroscience. His fourth EP to be signed to the popular independent label Monstercat was released today, May 18, and with it, he again proves that the strengths of the left and right side of the brain can work in harmony.

With a solid foundation in academic experimentation, it makes sense he would apply this to his music as well. With the EP, titled Dogma, Mr Fijiwiji experiments with a plethora of dark, sorrowful themes and ends up with a collection of mostly downtempo ballads that breathe with emotion. Anna Yvette and Lucas Marx add their voices to the EP, providing the extra touch that allows Dogma to truly convey its theme.

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