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Nero share heartfelt cover of unreleased Prince track

Today, Nero added their voice to the multitude of tributes to the late musical genius Prince with a cover of one of his hundreds of songs that was never officially released. In a Facebook post, Nero state how the little known original track, titled “Electric Intercourse,” only exists as a live recording from one of Prince’s shows at the iconic Minneapolis nightclub First Avenue in 1983, but had been making a comeback in his recent live shows:

“Back in 2012, whilst working at paramount studios in LA, we decided to spend a couple of hours recording a cover of one of our favourite Prince songs – Electric Intercourse. We set up a grand piano, some synths, drum pads and a microphone in the live room and laid down the majority of this demo in a couple of takes.”

With enough unreleased music to put out an album every year for a century, Prince can be said to be one of the most dedicated musicians of modern times. Similarly, as we learned in our interview with Nero, the UK trio also has a trove of unreleased music — a whole album’s worth, just from the last album in fact — which goes to show their level of dedication to their craft as well.

As Nero further said in the Facebook post, “It says something about the greatness of an artist when such a cool song doesn’t make the grade…We thought we’d share this with you and pay homage to one of our absolute heroes and without doubt one of the greatest writers, musicians and performers to have ever lived.”

Nero’s version is a shining example of their classic retro-future sound and, of course, features graceful, heartfelt vocals from Alana Watson that pull it all together. Recorded the year after their groundbreaking album, Welcome Reality, was released, fans can only hope there are other Nero tracks like this out there that may eventually see the light of day. They say this track is only a “demo,” but it is arguably polished enough to be an official release. Regardless, long-time Nero fans are sure to be pleased.

Photo Credit: Derek Bremner

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