Pill testing may be coming to Australian festivals outside of New South WalesAustralia 60 Minutes

Pill testing may be coming to Australian festivals outside of New South Wales

With the exception of New South Wales (NSW), numerous senior level politicians and police officials are supporting a trial run of pill testing at Australian music festivals this coming summer. The charge for implementing pill testing is led by Australian Drug Law Reform president Alex Wodak and Canberra physician David Caldicott, who had previously appeared on Australia’s version of 60 Minutes to advocate for testing’s implementation. The duo have previously committed to running the trial, with or without permission, at festivals located in Sydney, the capital of NSW.

The NSW government is no stranger when it comes to going their own way in terms of policing music festivals and clubs, as the government has already implemented controversial “lock-out laws” that limit the entry into clubs and sale of alcohol after a certain time of night. These measures have been met with backlash almost immediately, as they have already been reviewed and received sharp rebukes from local artists. Controversy aside, the laws are spreading to other Australian states.

While a NSW government official have reiterated the state’s position that they do not support pill testing, Dr. Calidcott has said that face-to-face meetings with officials from other states has already occurred.  The plan is to continue with implementing their pill testing plan and they are “…now working out how we can have a system in place for the forthcoming festival season.”

Via: The Sydney Morning Herald

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