Radiohead tease new video clip for ‘The Numbers’Radiohead

Radiohead tease new video clip for ‘The Numbers’

Building upon their collaborations with Virpi Kettu and Paul Thomas Anderson, Radiohead have teased another video collaboration from their recently released album A Moon Shaped Pool. 

Radiohead have been forthcoming about the visual nature of the new album and have promised more from artists who will be interpreting specific sections of the album.

This clip, posted on the group’s Instagram, shows a drab, interior scene set behind the sounds of “The Numbers,” directed by British director Oscar Hudson.

Today’s vignette is: The Numbers – Directed by: Oscar Hudson

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While the previously released efforts for “Burn The Witch” and “Daydreaming” have been mildly sinister, this Hudson-directed clip appears more melancholic and absurd. Though the band have yet to specify a release date for the video, it’s sure to be as exhilarating as the rest of A Moon Shaped Pool’s stellar material.

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