Slaptop – It Isn’t Mine (Original Mix)Slaptop It Isnt Mine

Slaptop – It Isn’t Mine (Original Mix)

Young Bay Area-based producer and DJ, Slaptop, has an exceptionally silky style of house that combines some of the best aspects of numerous different sub-genres and provides a vibrant backdrop for his catchy vocals. Slaptop‘s newest original track, “It Isn’t Mine,” is the first of a number of songs that he will be releasing as he puts the finishing touches on his forthcoming debut album.

Like much of Slaptop’s music, “It Isn’t Mine” has a vocal line that will quite comfortably lodge itself in the listener’s head for an indefinite amount of time. More on the melodic side, the track has a great uplifting feeling throughout most of it, which is brilliantly complemented by a dirtier, more minimal breakdown in the middle. Slaptop says “It Isn’t Mine” is a taste of the direction he has been going with his music over the last few months, which bodes well for the quality of the album he’s working on.

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