SubPac M2: the wearable tactile bass system you need in your studio [Review]SubPac M2 Bodys

SubPac M2: the wearable tactile bass system you need in your studio [Review]

The SubPac M2 is the latest creation in SubPac’s line of tactile bass systems. An innovative new piece of gear from Los Angeles-based StudioFeed, it’s essentially a high-end wearable subwoofer. We recently had the opportunity of trying the M2 out, and the results were quite extraordinary.

Within minutes of wearing the SubPac M2, one realizes just how crucial of a development this is. Tactile bass response is an entirely different animal than an external sub. To feel the thump of a kick drum on one’s back or the rumble of a sin wave as it creeps up your spine is not only a major technical advantage, but a visceral experience.

The SubPac M2 is worn like a normal backpack, with straps around one’s chest and waist holding the soundsystem tightly against one’s body. The system is much lighter than expected, and fits comfortably around one’s body, almost like a thin suit of armor. The proximity of the pack allows for instantaneous bass response with an immensely precise range, covering 5-130hz. The amount of sub response is easily controllable by way of the slim control box on the waistband. We found the system to be effective even on the lowest setting, though it’s worth nothing the SubPac can be turned up to extremely powerful levels if desired. The unit hooks up via 3.5mm cable, or Bluetooth 4.0 for a wireless experience, and arrives ready to go out of the box. The battery lasts about six hours, allowing for on-the-go use as well.

SubPac M2: the wearable tactile bass system you need in your studio [Review]Subpac M2 Black Rear


It’s hard to overstate the value that the SubPac brings to the studio. It’s the difference between knowing if one’s kick drum is loud and messy, or tight and boomy. It’s the ability to tell when the sub bass on a track is just thick enough for weight, or helplessly overbearing. Ultimately, while these sound like small details, it’s these nuances that can help lift a track from amateur to professional level. Perhaps its biggest value, however, is in the quietness which it affords. While normal subwoofers will shake one’s entire floor, moving through the walls in the process, the SubPac is exceptionally quiet, allowing one to use it in public places or late at night.

Furthermore, while we employed it for use in the studio, it’s also worth noting its other applications. For everything from gaming to watching movies, to just enjoying normal music, the SubPac brings a new dimension to one’s listening experiencing, amplifying subharmonic frequencies that would otherwise be inconspicuous.

All in all, we found the SubPac M2 to be both a crucial and satisfying addition to one’s studio arsenal.

The SubPac M2 is available for purchase here.

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