Walker & Royce deliver new two track EP ‘Wakey Wakey’WalkerRoyce

Walker & Royce deliver new two track EP ‘Wakey Wakey’

New York duo Walker & Royce have become a staple of New York’s brimming house music community. With big releases on Pets Recordings, Moda Black and more, they’ve solidified their tough, deep house style.

Their notoriety recently brought them Coachella, where they performed from the Do Lab for the very first time. “The whole Coachella experience for us was next level,” the duo said. “The East Coast doesn’t have the same kind of festival scene.”

Following their appearance, Walker & Royce have turned to Waze & Odyssey’s W&O Street Tracks imprint for a new two-track EP: “Wakey Wakey/Gimme Gimme.”

The first track, “Wakey Wakey,” is a hard, distortion-friendly tech house number that oozes dancefloor appeal. The second, “Gimme,” is a funkier offering, with a chopped vocal hook gliding over a buzzing deep house bassline. Halfway through, the song descends into a disco break, providing a nice change of pace before dropping back into the groove. Ultimately, both tracks embody the delectable, club-driven style which Walker & Royce have championed.

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To learn more about the EP, we caught up with Walker & Royce for a brief Q&A:

What was the inspiration behind your new Wakey Wakey EP?

W&R: We are inspired by lots of things when we write music. For this W&O asked us to do an EP and we wanted to deliver something they would really be behind. We are huge fans of Waze & Odyssey and the label, so we wanted it to be really good and well balanced. We always like the tracks to have different vibes but also work well together.

How would you describe the style of the EP?

W&R: Funky in your face tech house

How did you go about creating each track?

W&R: “Wakey Wakey” was written last year while we were in Berlin. We had that groove going in the studio for hours and never got tired of it. We actually tinkered with adding a vocal to it but nothing really fit and we are glad we didn’t. “Gimme” was designed to be a face melter. The disco break in the middle was actually taken from a older track we had written for a singer but never used. It sounds really fresh in the club, almost like washing your face before it drops right back in.

How has the response been to the EP thus far?

W&R: Really amazing…. Wakey Wakey is usually our leadoff track for our sets and every time we play “Gimme” people always want to know what it is.

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