Watch Gallant perform ‘Weight In Gold’ on The Tonight ShowGallant Fallon

Watch Gallant perform ‘Weight In Gold’ on The Tonight Show

Alongside Grammy wins and pop collaborations, electronic artists’ appearances on talk shows are a key indicator of dance music’s burgeoning integration into mainstream culture. From Bob Moses playing “Ellen,” to GRiZ performing on “Last Call” with Carson Daly, the talk show circuit is becoming inundated with electronic acts.

Though Gallant is by no means a strictly electronic artist, he has become the latest representative of the subculture to join this trend, with his guest spot on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” Gallant’s performance of “Weight In Gold” is redolent of his music video for the single in its progression of energy. The singer begins seated in a leather armchair, with a live band accompanying in the Victorian study-themed stage setup. As he continues his aria, Gallant’s presence becomes increasingly vivacious, as the previously subtle lighting arrangement becomes progressively more dynamic. Though his now-frequent performance partner, Seal, was not present for the performance, Gallant pulled far more than his own weight in gold.

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