Weekend Rewind: Sasha’s finely-tuned edit to ‘Innocence’/’What Do You Say Now’ mashup from Coachella 2011Sasha5

Weekend Rewind: Sasha’s finely-tuned edit to ‘Innocence’/’What Do You Say Now’ mashup from Coachella 2011

Coachella 2016 attendees looking forward to witnessing Sasha’s third appearance at the festival were saddened to discover he’d canceled both his week 1 & 2 performances due to a “personal health emergency.” The pioneer recently shed a more personal light on this matter, discussing his anxiety in an interview with the Guardian. Fans expressed well-wishes, but nonetheless felt a sense of yearning and curiosity as to what kind of energy he would have conjured if he had played as planned.

We look back at Sasha’s Coachella set from 2011 for this edition of Weekend Rewind. Five years have passed since its debut, but have no effect on the lasting impact of his standalone performance. His opener was an especially key component of the journey – the Welsh talent mashes together “What Do You Say Now” by Layo & Bushwacka and Nero’s famed single “Innocence” while adding his own edits into the mix. It builds slowly, sucking the listener in from the very beginning with a tense rhythmless soundscape with “Innocence” that morphs into the familiar groove of “What Do You Say Now.”

Sasha spins the mashup in a sinister direction for his contribution, deepening the key while adding menacing string notes and another layer of haunting vocals to accentuate the effects. His edit adapts the piece well for the timing of his set, which was second-to-last on Friday night. The track remains an unreleased gem.

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