World’s first ‘skyrave’ planned for The Netherland’s Liberation DaySkyrave

World’s first ‘skyrave’ planned for The Netherland’s Liberation Day

To celebrate The Netherland’s Liberation day, a holiday marking the end of the country’s Nazi occupation, Dutch firm Tosti Creative is planning the world’s first ever “skyrave.” The idea is exactly what it sounds like: a group of skydivers will jump out of plane over the eastern Dutch city of Enschede accompanied by a speaker and dance/plummet their way into the city’s Bevrijdingsfestival.

Like all good ideas, this one started off as a joke at the Tosti offices that eventually took off. Though initially concerned over the technical feasibility of pulling off the stunt — dropping out of the sky at 200 km/h is a loud affair — speaker company Soundboks stepped in to provide Tosti with a speaker capable of being heard over the rush of air.

While tickets aren’t available for the “skyrave,” one spot is available as part of a competition here.

Photo Credit: Tosti Creative/Facebook

Via: Deep House Amsterdam

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