deadmau5 teams with Absolut for new virtual reality gameDeadmau5 App Hed 2016

deadmau5 teams with Absolut for new virtual reality game

Deadmau5 and Absolut have teamed up to bring fans an innovative virtual reality video game featuring the famed, helmet-clad DJ and producer.

In an effort to collaborate with musical icons who are also well-versed in technology, it seems that Absolut couldn’t have made a stronger choice. The new VR game, ‘Absolut deadmau5,’ revolves around getting Joel Zimmerman to his gig on time. Users will have the autonomy of selecting his car, and will then be prompted to speed through several live-action obstacles – all while showing electronic music fans and Absolut consumers what an adventurous night out with Zimmerman and his feline cohort Meowingtons is like.

Absolut deadmau5 will be available via iOS, Android and Samsung app stores.

“Every brand needs to start thinking about how to create experiences, whether they are digital experiences or physical experiences that are really either delightful or useful,” Afdhel Aziz, head of Absolut Labs, told Adweek. With this game, Absolut Labs has indeed produced a stunningly unique experience, starring one of dance music’s greatest producers.

Absolut deadmau5 users are also invited to purchase a set of limited edition Google Cardboard headsets to complete the Absolut deadmau5 experience, which are available for purchase here.

Check out the behind the scenes video of the new game:

Photo courtesy of Absolut

Via: Adweek

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