Amazon is reportedly launching a music streaming service later this yearAmazon Logo Streaming Service Launch

Amazon is reportedly launching a music streaming service later this year

Spotify stands at the head of the music streaming arms race, accounting for nearly 30 million paid subscribers. Other platforms like Jay Z‘s TIDAL have come to leverage their own, much smaller share of the customer pool with big-name artist promotion and exclusives. Now, it’s been almost exactly a year since Apple Music was launched, posing the first real threat to Spotify, though now it seems another company may be looking to join the music streaming subscription marketplace. Amazon is reportedly looking to launch a new paid subscription platform, with early reports stating it could be announced by the end of this summer.

Competing for their own slice of the pie with a $9.99 a month subscription fee, Amazon also intends to tie the new streaming service in with their Echo device, which boasts features such as voice commands, audio-book compatibility, and weather and traffic updates. Amazon already offers a free limited streaming service to their Prime subscribers, though whether the current platform will be dissolved into Amazon’s new stand-alone streaming service has yet to be announced.

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