Apple has patented technology that can block iPhone cameras at concertsGTY Apple Iphone Camera Sk 140429 1600

Apple has patented technology that can block iPhone cameras at concerts

Five years ago, Apple applied for a patent that harnesses infrared technology for a variety of uses. Now that patent has been granted, though it is still uncertain what Apple intends to do with it. The technology works by setting up emitters around an area of choice, and relaying infrared code instructions to any iPhones in the vicinity, potentially blocking their ability to record data, such as photos, inside of the designated zone.

The application promises both positive and negative aspects. For one, the technology can be applied to concerts, meaning that if infrared emitters were set up around the stage where artists are performing, concertgoers would be restricted from snapping a photo or capturing a quick video. While this can be bothersome for those wanting concrete memories of their time at a show, others will find satisfaction in the fact that people will be forced to immerse themselves in the music instead of consistently blocking others’ views with bright phone screens.

Conversely, the same technology used in a movie theater can also help block illegal filming, hindering amateur piracy attempts. Apple is exploring the patent’s use in museums as well; phones pointed at an object equipped with emitters will also be able to receive detailed information on what they’re viewing.

More uses of the patent will be revealed as Apple continues to fine tune its application into its devices.

Via: 9to5Mac

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