New app allows you to hear 3D audio on any set of headphonesWaves

New app allows you to hear 3D audio on any set of headphones

One of the more exciting new developments in the field of headphone technology is 3D audio, which aims to make the listener feel like they’re “inside” the music they’re listening to. OSSIC X unveiled the first-ever headphones utilizing this technology in Spring and now Waves Audio — the popular music production software developer — has developed their own application is seeking to mass produce the technology. Rather than having to purchase an entire pair of headphones to experience a 3D effect, Waves Nx is an application you can download to your phone or computer and combine with any pair of headphones to receive 3D sound.

A “tracker” accessory is placed on top of the headphones of choice, which works in tandem with the application to not only produce quality surround sound effects, but also track head movement and adjust sounds accordingly. Waves Audio has achieved this ability to replicate a near-perfect sound experience by creating algorithms based on thousands of live recordings from concerts, movie theaters, and video games — at least according to their Kickstarter video.

Thus far, their campaign has raised around $70k of their $200k goal, offering various packages of the beta app which can be purchased for as low as $79.

Via: Waves Audio/Kickstarter

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