The Avalanches release new single, announce new album after 16-year silenceTheAvalanches FrankieSinatra

The Avalanches release new single, announce new album after 16-year silence

Australian group The Avalanches made quite the splash with their debut album Since I Left You, with the album receiving significant praise and spawning the international hit “Frontier Psychiatrist.” The group’s ability to weave an eclectic selection of samples — ranging from hip hop, swing jazz, movies, and everything in between — into an unbelievably groovy, vaguely-plotted production, as well as live show featuring samples, mixing decks, and live instruments, helped make them stand out on the scene. After the release of Since I Left You in 2000, however, the group went into a period of prolonged silence.

After sixteen years, The Avalanches have released their first new single and announced the release date of a new album. To be called Wildflower, the album will be released July 8 with the music video for single “Frankie Sinatra” leading the charge of the group’s resurgence. Featuring samples from Detroit rapper Danny Brown, MF Doom, “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music, among others, over a trudging calypso beat, the single is a firm indication that The Avalanches’ signature style is just as powerful now as it was sixteen years ago.

The very strange video for “Frankie Sinatra” — apparently about the dangers of lacing ice cream with highlighter fluid — is available above.

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