‘Basslet’ wearable technology adds serious low end to headphone experienceBASSLET

‘Basslet’ wearable technology adds serious low end to headphone experience

While headphone technology is currently in a renaissance and fierce competition, thanks to the likes of manufacturers such as Pioneer and Beats, at their very best they only provide an approximation of what it is like to experience music live. This, of course, accounts for the variations and subtleties that performers only use while playing at clubs and venues but also for a strictly physical experience: no headphone can accurately replace the sonorous bass that rattles the ribcage coming out of a professional sound system. There’s a reason Bassnectar may violate some international accords with his gargantuan live show — it makes for a wholly unique and utterly impossible-to-recreate experience.

Berlin company Lofelt, however, aims to make the headphone experience more similar to a massive sound system with their “Basslet” device. Essentially a wearable subwoofer, by wearing the device on one’s wrist and plugging an adaptor into a headphone jack, the Basslet will use the proprietary “LoSound” engine to send frequencies as low as 10hz into the user’s body — which may be a bit overkill, considering human hearing, at the absolute top of the bell curve, drops out at 20hz and at that point significant rumble is already achieved. Still, the company’s Kickstarter campaign has been massively successful, already within $5000 dollars of its goal with over a month to go.

Prospective buyers can learn more about the Basslet here.

Photo credit: Lofelt/Kickstarter

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