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Bassnectar’s new track ‘Unlimited Combinations’ recalls his classic style

Bassnectar’s 12th album, Unlimited, is right around the corner. While officially due for official release on June 17, some fans are already reporting receiving the album in the mail. To help tide the rest of us over, however, Bassnectar has shared two new tracks from the LP.

The first is “Unlimited Combinations,” a classic ‘nectar composition that recalls older staples like “Timestretch” and his remix of Ellie Goulding’s Lights.” With its uplifting arpeggio and full-bodied drop, it’s an altogether triumphant creation.

In addition to “Unlimited Combinations,” Bassnectar has shared a second track, “Level Up” featuring Macntaj, a trap-oriented collaboration with LEViT∆TE. Featuring some light breaks and an eastern-tinged melody, it’s an intriguing, off-kilter style, but ultimately less enthralling than the first offering.