Above & Beyond share 90-minute ambient mixYoga Mi

Above & Beyond share 90-minute ambient mix

Since their sunset yoga performance at Burning Man in 2014, trance icons Above & Beyond have kept up their relationship with the yoga community through a Spotify playlist and Instagram shares from their Anjuna HQ classes.

The trio’s latest yoga-inspired release is a 90-minute mix comprised exclusively of Anjuna catalog suggestions and nearly double the length of the group’s original performance in front of the Robot Heart Bus in 2014. In addition to originals from A&B, the tracklist includes selections from Andrew Bayer, Dusky, Tom Middleton, and Ryan Davis, among others.

Released just in time for International Yoga Day (June 22), Above & Beyond’s new yoga mix is sure to put you in a state of bliss. Check out the full mix and tracklist below.

90 Minute Yoga Flow Mix Tracklist:

(00:00) 1. Above & Beyond ‘Small Moments’
(03:25) 2. Matt Lange ‘Rift’ [Kerry Leva Undo]
(06:24) 3. Vincenzo ‘Walk Home John Boy’
(11:59) 4. Andrew Bayer ‘Closing Act’
(17:01) 5. Ryan Davis ‘Beyer’
(20:53) 6. Tom Middleton ‘WYV AUW CHU’ [Beatless Mix]
(26:54) 7. Andrew Bayer ‘Do Androids Dream Pt. 3’
(30:15) 8. Dusky ‘Silence Never Heard’
(33:06) 9. Stephen J. Kroos ‘Spring’
(34:31) 10. Andrew Bayer ‘All This Will Happen Again’
(38:16) 11. Above & Beyond ‘Sun In Your Eyes’
(42:30) 12. Above & Beyond ‘Eternal’
(45:15) 13. Tom Middleton ‘HEVA’ [Ambient Mix]
(52:48) 14. Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab ‘Breaking Ties’ [Flow Mix]
(58:14) 15. Esteble ‘Passage’
(01:00:40) 16. Above & Beyond ‘Hello’ [Acoustic II]
(01:02:50) 17. Ólafur Arnalds ‘Only The Winds’ [Ryan Davis’ From Far Away Variation]
(01:07:00) 18. Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford ‘Thing Called Love’ [Arksun Filmscape Mix]
(01:11:53) 19. Solarity ‘Symbols’
(01:15:47) 20. Croquet Club ‘Andante’
(01:19:00) 21. Above & Beyond ‘Tri-State’
(01:22:14) 22. Above & Beyond ‘In The Past’
(01:24:30) 23. DEMS ‘Made For Myself’ [Jody Wisternoff and James Grant Remix]

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