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Boys Noize – Euphoria (Skream Remix)

It’s rare to hear the work of one legendary artist be reinterpreted by another legend. It’s rarer still that the results of such an engagement are as harmonious and complete as Skream’s recent remix of Boys Noize’s single, “Euphoria.”

The second single off of Boys Noize’s newest LP, Mayday, the original mix of “Euphoria,” which features vocals from rapper Remy Banks, was a dark and rumbling techno number full of tense samples and sharp stutters of melody. Skream’s remix stays remarkably similar to the original, keeping many of the musical ideas and building off the same skeletal beat. But Skream’s mix is wider than the original, brassier and brighter, building to subtle, uplifting chords that offer a deceptive sense of resolution before switching back to thundering drums.

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