DA Premiere: Anoraak feat. Slow Shiver – We LostAnoraak Figure Artwork 72dpi RVB

DA Premiere: Anoraak feat. Slow Shiver – We Lost

Anoraak, the savvy melodic mastermind out of France, has teamed up with Slow Shiver, a new artist project from Valente Bertelli, for a poignant collaboration titled “We Lost.”

The track begins ever so delicately with a playful arpeggio and relaxed beat. When Slow Shiver’s vocals enter the fray, however, the arrangement truly comes to life. There’s an certain soothing quality to Bertelli’s vocal timbre that carries one along in peaceful reverie. When the chorus hits, it’s bursting with nostalgic bliss. The composition follows a more traditional song structure, which, in this case, works to its advantage in creating a memorable ballad that yearns to be listened to over and over again.

French musician College — whose song “My Hero” was notably included on the soundtrack to Drive — called the collaboration “a beautiful romantic hit,” further describing it as “the perfect balance between the unique melodic sense of Anoraak and the beautiful voice of Slow Shiver.”

“We Lost” is out now on iTunes as part of Anoraak’s new Figure EP on his brand new imprint Endless Summer Music.


Check out Slow Shiver’s first release, “Dead Man Walking,” a touching tribute to David Bowie.

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