DA Premiere: Butch – El Camion (Original Mix)Butch El Camion

DA Premiere: Butch – El Camion (Original Mix)

Fluidity is a strong motif in Butch’s work, and is most certainly present in his latest release on Moon Harbour, El Camion. The EP’s eponymous A-side brings the mind to the shores of Ibiza, as subtle nature sounds combine with smooth bass frequencies and Spanish dialogue in the background to create visions of beach parties or busy streets. Hints of synths and exotic percussion add a lighter air to the piece, foreshadowing its success on outdoor dance floors.

El Camion will be released on June 27 and is Butch’s second release on Moon Harbour, with the first having been Juice Machine with Gel Abril. The German icon will also be immersed on a busy tour schedule throughout summer, heading over to San Francisco on June 25.

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