DA Premiere: Schwarz Dont Crack – All My Love (Etnik Remix)Shwarz Dont Crack Etnik

DA Premiere: Schwarz Dont Crack – All My Love (Etnik Remix)

Last year, Berlin-based duo Schwarz Dont Crack released “All My Love,” a ballad that tows the line between R&B and dance music with its sultry vocals and gritty — though minimal — bass lines. With the universal appeal of the outfit’s vocal hook, “All My Love” is a malleable track that yields itself suitably to a variety of remix possibilities.

Despite the fluidity of the song, techno wunderkind Etnik is extremely low on the list of candidates that listeners would expect as a remixer. More akin to Gesaffelstein than Gallant, Etnik’s catalogue contains a consistently stellar collection of meticulously aggressive techno. Essentially, the Hamburg-based producer’s style is about as detached from the R&B sphere as possible.

However, Etnik’s “All My Love” is as appropriate as it is authentic, as the producer highlights the original track’s strengths while simultaneously inserting his unmistakable essence. Etnik begins his remix with nu-disco sensibilities, raising the tempo and inserting a catalyzing, melodic bassline below SDC’s vocals, intermittently adding layers of sinister fills. Etnik’s climactic drops strike an impressive balance as well. While the producer is unabashedly heavy in his midtempo techno loops, he never strays entirely from the core essence of “All My Love.”

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