Doppler Labs’ new wireless earbuds go above and beyondDoppler Labs Here One

Doppler Labs’ new wireless earbuds go above and beyond

Doppler Labs recently released details about its brand new product, the Here One wireless earbuds. Ostensibly, Here One earbuds operate in the same way as normal Bluetooth earbuds; They take calls, play music, and utilize voice-control features. What sets Doppler Labs’ new product apart from existing options is how it integrates all of the aforementioned features with the additional power to augment sound coming into a wearer’s ear from external sources.

Inside each Here One bud are multiple directional microphones that pick up outside sounds and deliver them to the wearer. The utility of this comes from the fact that the user can control incoming sound through a connected smartphone app. Obviously, this feature is useful is loud music concerts, but its possible applications range much further. Here One will also be able to control noise levels from any number of audibly oppressive sources, ranging from construction sites to battlegrounds. Conversely, these earbuds yield a wide range of potential uses for the elderly and otherwise hearing-impaired.

The Here One earbuds will sell for $299 and are available for pre-order here.

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