EDC Las Vegas reveals 20 new things to look forward to at this year’s festivalEDC Las Vegas

EDC Las Vegas reveals 20 new things to look forward to at this year’s festival

This month marks the 20th anniversary of EDC Las Vegas, and as the world prepares to set off once again on ‘The Road to EDC,’ Insomniac and its founder, Pasquale Rotella, have announced 20 new things festival goers can expect this year in celebration of 20 years of partying under the electric sky.

Among the new surprises is a VIP Beauty Bar that will offer full service hair, makeup and body art by appointment, as well as a video tunnel showcasing the history of dance music culture with graphic art, video footage, and photography of EDC Las Vegas through the years.

For those planning on getting hitched under the electric sky, this year’s festival will also feature two new spots to tie the knot, and a special champagne-only bar inside Kinetic Field for some post-nuptial toasting.

Fans can also look forward to a bevy of new costumes and performers, several new bars and beverage offerings, a fire truck / animal circus cart, a village just for vapers, free high speed wifi, 20 brand new stage designs, a US presidential election voting booth (that’s right), new additions to the EDC parade, and more.

Check out the full list of features below:

1. EDC is going green. All the festival food vendors will have cooking oil transported and then converted into usable biofuel.

2. There are 2 new places where you may be able to tie the knot, a Chapel of Nature – earth and organic inspired, and the Chapel of the Future – inspired by modern technology.

3. If you want to revamp your EDC look, there will be a VIP Beauty Bar that offers full service hair, makeup and body art, but it’s only available by appointment.

4. Ever heard the expression, take a trip down memory lane? Well now you can definitely do so with a video tunnel that features the history of dance music culture with the 20 years of EDC photography, graphic art and video footage.

5. For the first time ever, Insomniac’s new found trance brand, Dreamstate will have a dedicated day at circuit grounds.

6. You can propose a toast at a bubbles bar inside Kinetic Field, where a champagne only menu will offer mimosas, bellinis, and bubbly by the glass.

7. Global Inheritance, an environmentally conscious nonprofit organization will remind attendees to keep Mother Earth in mind with the new Live Recycling Bin Painting art project, with the addition and return of the TRASHed Recycling Store.

8. Attendees will be able to take Uber to and from EDC by car or chopper. A private lounge providing charging stations, shade and tunes will keep fans cool while they wait for their ride.

9. You’ll be able to drink iced mochas, vanilla lattes, and caramel coffee drinks for an extra boost of energy during the festival, brought to us by Los Angeles based Australian roast gurus called Longshot Coffee.

10. The EDC parade will be even bigger and grander than before. The procession will weave through the festival each night near midnight with 4 brand new art cars, in which it will join the 15 whimsical vehicles and new costumed performers.

11. EDC Town will take over the grassy area close to Cosmic Meadow. It’s a fan favorite. It will have all new attractions like the Little Red School House where classes will be in session; a theater where fans can catch a magic show and the EDC Saloon where drinks will be served.

12. You can now also vote in the upcoming US presidential election at the Head Count booth inside Carnival Square.

13. Keep an eye out for Heathen & Kaliope which resembles a fire truck and an animal circus cart all in one. It will join the fire breathing family.

14. There will be a brand new VIP Tiki Bar near Kinetic Field.

15. There will be new performers for entertaining dressed as Fire Phoenix Stilt Walkers, Sunshine Harley’s and Deep Sea Sirens.

16. The festival guide will team up with The Insomniac magazine this year. The collector’s item anniversary guide will feature all the essential festival info, plus exclusive photos, behind-the-scenes Insomniac stories, and features on some of our amazing Headliners.

17. Neon Garden’s VIP lounge will feature plush daybeds surrounded by pool tables, a full juice bar, food trucks and life-size games.

18. Vaper’s rejoice! A vape village welcomes all vaper’s to EDC Las Vegas with an abundance of premium liquids and name brand vendors available to fill any empty pen, eGO device, mod or AVP.

19. Free high speed wifi will be offered for quick uploading and convenient communicating in the center of the festival at the colorful Carnival Square.

20. Brand new stage designs.

Via: Insomniac

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