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EDM events banned in Goa, India between Christmas and New Year’s

India, and more specifically Goa, has become an international force with regard to large scale EDM events. The events, which typically multiply two-fold during the holidays, have now been banned from touching down in Goa during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Speaking to the reason for this regulation, Goa’s Tourism Minister, Dilip Parulekar, stated:

“At that time so many tourists are in Goa to celebrate New Year or Christmas. We do not want these EDM events at that time. It should be organized before or after that period.”

Many civil society groups within Goa have criticized EDM events due to mass amounts of attendees they attract, which in turn puts a great deal of pressure on public infrastructure and creates widespread traffic congestion. Parulekar cited this widespread congestion and relative “chaos” as the primary reason for this ban. While surely this will lead to a significant amount of disappointment, the ban comes as no surprise following last year’s news that a 23-year-old women died while in attendance at a Skrillex concert in greater India.

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