My Favorite Robot return to Last Night On Earth with ‘Wallow In The Spark’ [EP Review]Wallow In The Spark My Favorite Robot

My Favorite Robot return to Last Night On Earth with ‘Wallow In The Spark’ [EP Review]

My Favorite Robot and their eponymous label are appreciated entities in the underground scene. Their proclivity toward crafting hypnotic pieces with a nice balance of progressive and tech elements make the Canadian trio a standout act, supported by their more established peers. Four years after their first release on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth, they return to the imprint in 2016 with Wallow In The Spark.

The EP’s title track paints a picture of the 1960s, leaning heavily on the psychedelic side with shamanic melodies and edited vocals that take the mind to a deep place. Full-bodied plucks and strong percussion travel an intricate soundscape with multiple quirks to latch onto with each listen.

They follow up “Wallow In The Spark” with shadowy track “Garden.” Woodwinds underline the mystical flair accomplished by the clip’s verses, whose ominous melody pairs well with throbbing basslines and tense buildups. The introduction of synthesizers give “Garden” a futuristic feel, contrasting the ancient energy emulated by the opening clip.

“Garden (MFR Redub)” is even more powerful than the original, with each kick striking the ears and vibrating their way throughout the rest of the body. Synth riffs are pungent in the redub, employing a higher-pitched riff in the middle of the track that takes it in an even further unexpected direction from the original.

Nearly a year since the release of Panoptikum, Last Night On Earth has proven a fitting home for My Favorite Robot’s hypnotic new EP, matching the ethereal personality present in the release seamlessly. Ultimately, their return to the label is nothing short of triumphant; the outfit has crafted yet another quality project that maintains precision amid a sea of exotic melodies and percussion.

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