Henry Krinkle forges new sun-fueled track, ‘Ash’Henry Krinkle Ash

Henry Krinkle forges new sun-fueled track, ‘Ash’

Henry Krinkle made a highly-publicized entrance into electronic music with “Stay,” whose infectious melody was re-worked by Justin Martin and continues to be a crowd favorite four years after its release. He’s continued to build on his ethereal brand of garage-inspired house music, unleashing a groovy remix to Route 94’s “My Love” which has amassed nearly 2 million plays on SoundCloud.

The past 6 months have brought about a new sound for the producer which he labels “Aboreal.” Beginning with “Sequoia” six months ago, his tracks under this style take on a lighter feel.

“Ash” is the most recent addition to this trend, blending together a medley of random sounds and plucky synthesizers into a downtempo house offering. Its topline is tropical in its nature, whose steel drum-inspired instrumentation promotes the feeling of being on a white sand beach.

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