Japanese nightclubs will now be able to stay open past 1 AMJapan

Japanese nightclubs will now be able to stay open past 1 AM

Japan has passed new regulations that forgo its “1947 Rule” that declared nightclubs as “adult entertainment establishments” and will allow them to operate past 1 AM. The rule was passed as an anti-prostitution measure shortly after World War II and effectively banned dancing.

An effort led by Ryuichi Sakamoto, a pioneering electronic musician and film composer, has seen its campaigning lead to reforms that go into effect June 23. Now venue owners will be able to apply to “Nighttime Entertainment Restaurant Operations” if they meet certain criteria; namely, being outside of residential areas and maintaining specific lighting requirements. If a venue has lighting brighter than 10 lux they will be able to apply for a 24-hour license. Clubs that do not meet those lighting requirements will be able to apply for a special permit that allows them to operate past midnight while still being classified as “adult entertainment establishments.”


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