Jauz – Goodiez (Original Mix) [Free Download]Jauz Goodies

Jauz – Goodiez (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Noted shark aficionado Jauz is currently having the time of his life. Not only has he evolved into one of the hottest names in electronic music, it’s also Shark Week 2016. In honor of that national holiday Jauz has already treated fans to a remix of DJ Snake’s “Propaganda.” Unwilling to slow down — fittingly, as sharks would die if they ever stopped swimming — the Los Angeleno producer has now released a new original, “Goodiez.”

Heralded in by a repetitive vocal sample and thumping kick drum, “Goodiez” initially sounds like a typical Jauz track. However, when he drops the kick and lets the sample breath a bit, the track takes on a sashaying groove as opposed to a rigid, downbeat hammering. This continues into the drop, where the sample and a sliding bass do the heavy lifting, Jauz opting out of the crushing synths and caustic sounds that have made his career thus far. It’s a bold and effective switch, showcasing a diversified skill set and willingness to pursue different directions.

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