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Klangstof shares haunting video for ‘Hostage’

New artist Klangstof has burst into the music scene like some sort of Scandinavian revelation. With a rapturous, Radiohead-like aesthetic, and a penchant for thunderous crescendos, the Norwegian songwriter has turned no shortage of heads with his poignant compositions.

Klangstof’s inaugural offering, “Hostage,” debuted in January to widespread critical acclaim. Now he’s accompanied the song with its official video, which has ultimately proven a brilliant work of art in its own right.

Directed by Menno Fokma, the video offers a sparse, cinematic narrative, ripe with powerful subtext. Touching on the pain of past demons, and the inability to move on, the music video perfectly matches the vulnerable, haunting appeal of “Hostage.”

Klangstof is one of the latest projects from the innovative Mind of a Genius camp. Check out the rest of his work here.

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