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Mat Zo – Too Late (Matt Lange Remix)

Matt Lange has built a brilliantly dark and esoteric name for himself. Through his original work he has demonstrated a mastery of modular synthesis and through his remixes, an unwavering ability to breathe ethereal yet melancholy life into a track.

His latest production sees him lend a hand to Mat Zo‘s impassioned “Too Late.” The remix is rather deceptive, starting out with only subtle nuances, allowing synths to replace the soft guitar licks in the original. As the track continues to evolve, jarring texturized sounds are layered in until its true motives are unveiled and a vastly nefarious soundscape is unleashed.

In a post announcing the track, Lange commented, “I remixed Mat Zo’s “Too Late,” brought it deep down into the bowels of the dungeon and threw away the key.” If that isn’t the most accurate possible depiction of the track, nothing else is. 

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