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Nero tease potential new 4-track EP

There are two constants in Nero‘s career: consistently putting out powerful productions and maintaining an air of mystery. The British triumvirate mostly eschews interviews — though we managed to snag one — opting instead to let their releases and innovative live show speak for themselves.

The group may now be gearing up for a new release, not even a year after their latest LP, Between II Worlds. In a cryptic tweet, Nero seem to have revealed the track list for an upcoming EP.

Nero tease potential new 4-track EPNERO EP

The presumed track titles “Different Story,” “Set Me Free,” “Still Going,” and “Just Us” are accompanied only by an assertion that they are “…coming soon.” Not much to go on, true, but fans and the electronic music community in general will certainly be greatly anticipating any new information from the group.

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