New Kickstarter campaign ‘Ripcord’ aims to give musicians flexibility in how they power their gearRipcord USB

New Kickstarter campaign ‘Ripcord’ aims to give musicians flexibility in how they power their gear

Ever since the first audio amplifiers appeared in the early 20th century, music has formed a symbiotic bond with electricity. That is especially true in electronic music where, of course, all equipment needs power to run. This is a limiting factor, however, as electronic musicians are confined to the length of their power chords and available, appropriate outlets.

A new Kickstarter campaign from Irish company MyVolts aims to give musicians greater freedom from their cords — as well as, in some cases, freedom from outlets in general. Called “Ripcord” and described as a “plug and play anywhere” USB power system, the product comes with a tip adaptor set that allows numerous pieces of gear to draw power from a USB wall socket. The adaptor also ups the standard 5 volts from a USB outlet to a maximum of 18 volts, increasing the diversity of products that can be powered by Ripcord.

Intriguingly, the system will also allow musicians to power their devices via their cell phones or solar powered USB banks, though there is no mention of how long a cellphone-powered piece of equipment would last before draining the battery. Still, the prospect of electronic musicians without access to generators untethering themselves from indoor power outlets is an exciting advancement.

The Kickstarter, which runs until June 5, has nearly reached its goal of €25,000.

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