NOTHING – Nineteen Ninety Heaven (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)Nothing Nineteen Ninety Heaven Ryan Hemsworth Remi

NOTHING – Nineteen Ninety Heaven (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Post-hardcore heavyweights Nothing and future bass phenom Ryan Hemsworth are seemingly an incongruous partnership. However, a keen observer will be aptly equipped to discern the connection within their unlikely unity. Genre differences aside, their sonic output shares a strikingly similar affectation. The yearning, swirling atmospheric traits of Nothing’s latest EP, Tired of Tomorrow, evoke much the same as the mesmerizingly sparse, but nuanced soundscapes of Hemsworth’s recent output.

In a blissful alignment of fates, vocalist and guitarist Nicky Palermo enlisted Hemsworth to mix the sublime single “Ninety Ninety Heaven.” Hemsworth endorsed the act, saying “Nothing gives me hope for the 13- or 14-year-old kid right now who wants to learn guitar and can’t find any new good bands. I hope they find Guilty of Everything and listen to it 200 times and then Tired of Tomorrow 300 times.”

As a result, the original song’s ribcage-pounding drums and nauseatingly subdued vocals have been transformed into a carbonated fever dream not so far from the initial impetus that drove Palermo to pen the track. “When I began writing this song,” Palermo explains, “I envisioned dreams that would occur in my early teens when I started to deal with my earliest signs of fear and anxiety.”

Hemsworth’s capable remix twists the vocals  into a surreal chorus that is at once pointedly evocative and ambient. The end result is a unifying effort that affirms the genre-defying, universally emotive power of music.

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