Oshi and D∆WN team up for Adidas with ‘Lemonade Lakes’MG 2144

Oshi and D∆WN team up for Adidas with ‘Lemonade Lakes’

Oshi has proven himself as one of the more creative talents in electronic music this year — and his latest endeavor is no exception to the rule. Championed by the likes of OWSLA and revered by pop titans such as Lorde, Oshi’s hot hand continues in collaboration with D∆WN (the former Making The Band star known as Dawn Richards) for Adidas’s new musical venture.

The collaboration comes as featured in #songsfromscratch, a series from Yours Truly and Adidas Originals that offers views of musicians through a unique prism. Listen to “Lemonade Lakes” and watch Oshi and D∆WN’s #songsfromscratch spotlight below.

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