Otto Knows and Avicii debut ‘Back Where I Belong’ with lyric videoPa6hhq8Nt7U

Otto Knows and Avicii debut ‘Back Where I Belong’ with lyric video

Longtime associates Otto Knows and Avicii — who have been friends since elementary school — have returned from respective extended breaks in music releases with a new original, “Back Where I Belong.” The vocal anthem features an energetic female top-line with a summer-tuned and horn-based underlying beat. The sound of this track certainly will not come as a surprise to Avicii and Otto Knows fans, but if the two are going to pump out a high quality track like “Back Where I Belong,” why complain? Though some may view the lyrics to the track as somewhat generic, they take on a whole new meaning when viewed from the perspective of Avicii’s recent touring-retirement announcement.

Regardless, if Avicii and Otto Knows are making music like this again, we’re confident they are definitely back where they belong. And yes, the photo of school-aged Avicii next to classmate Otto Knows on the cover art of this single is genuine.

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