Richie Hawtin and Seth Troxler weigh in on nightclub laptop banRichie Hawtin CNTRL 2015

Richie Hawtin and Seth Troxler weigh in on nightclub laptop ban

Yet another installment of the incessant old-school versus new-school debate has arrived in the form of an impassioned nighclub’s technology ban. Cure And The Cause, a Los Angeles nightclub, has disavowed laptops from their DJ booth, claiming that technological advancements have become distracting and take away from the old school art of DJing.

“Learn the tools of the trade already,” club owner Kenny Summit wrote in a Facebook post. “Pioneer isn’t going anywhere any time soon, they are the industry standard…Keep your controller in your crib, don’t come to work with training wheels.”

The announcement ignited a mini Twitter debate between two keepers of the guard who are seemingly in opposition on this issue. The legendary Richie Hawtin weighed in against the rule, claiming it infringes on an artist’s personal creativity.

The iconoclastic Seth Troxler was quick to chime in favor of the ban, reminding Hawtin and others of the shortcuts laptop stage set ups can make available. 

Regardless of how it may be used to “cheat,” computers have become a part of the craft in their own right. A ban on laptop set up would restrict indelibly talented artists like Flying Lotus, who uses Ableton Live, or Hawtin himself. Plus, as several users pointed out, programming can often be the most challenging part of the craft and is a skill most DJs don’t have.

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