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Ruby Rose gets called out for faking her DJ sets

Ruby Rose, the actress well-known for appearing in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, has made no shortage of headlines in the past year for her ongoing DJ career. Now, however, the androgynous star has been called called out for faking a DJ set — with pretty convincing evidence to support the claim.

Rose has been cited by Josh Billings, a long-time California DJ behind the popular house night, Focus, in Orange County. Billings stumbled upon a 2015 video of Rose performing at Tryst nightclub in Las Vegas, and quickly picked up on the fact that Rose is faking her performance. Billings narrates the video, breaking down Rose’s actions with an analytical eye, and basically exposing Rose for pantomiming her mixing. While this kind of showmanship isn’t uncommon, the real problem arises when the tracks begin transitioning by themselves.

Check out Billing’s analysis below:

Ruby Rose isn’t the first DJ to be caught with a pre-recorded mix, nor will she be the last. It does come as a surprise, however, given her lengthy defense of her DJ career back in 2015, challenging haters to “know their facts.”

What do you think? Are you convinced? Check out the original video of Ruby’s performance below.