San Bernardino county officials vote against proposed rave banNocturnal Wonderland San Bernardino Ca

San Bernardino county officials vote against proposed rave ban

A proposal put forth by San Bernardino County Supervisor Janice Rutherford to ban “rave-style events” was voted down this Tuesday. The motion to end multi-day raves in the area such as Nocturnal Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland was heavily backed by local residents, who protested the excess amount of noise and traffic congestion resulting from these events.

Emergency room physicians also voiced support for the ban, advising that hospital resources are stretched too thinly due to the influx of young people overdosing on various substances consumed at these shows; This March alone, 200 Beyond Wonderland attendees were hospitalized.

Despite the aforementioned concerns, county supervisors voted against the motion, largely because of the fiscal benefits yielded by such events in the area. During the vote, Live Nation representative Matt Prieshoff argued that festivals held at various venues nationwide bring in substantial revenue to the hosting areas, as well as numerous job opportunities.

Hotel and business owners corroborated Prieshoff’s claim, voicing concerns that their businesses would be heavily impacted by the proposed ban. While the city board initially voted 2-1 to ban festivals, the measure itself lost by three votes.

County supervisors voted unanimously to negotiate earlier ending times with Live Nation, however, with the intention of imposing a requisite end time of 11 PM for raves and similar events. Officials are also looking into starting a festival safety task force similar to the one set up in LA following deaths at HARD Summer 2015.

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