SG Lewis – Holding Back ft. Gallant (Original Mix)SGLewis Gallant HoldingBack

SG Lewis – Holding Back ft. Gallant (Original Mix)

London-based producer SG Lewis first started making waves when he was tapped to appear on Disclosure‘s Magnets Remix EP. Now the young producer will likely be looking at even more exposure due to his collaboration with one of the hottest vocalists in music, Gallant.

The most striking thing about the track, entitled “Holding Back,” is the producer’s maturity in using restraint and giving Gallant the foreground, sculpting a solid and groovy foundation around him. A gently swirling intro transitions into a standard four-on-the-floor kick pattern accompanied by guitar played and a gentle chord progression. Gallant’s vocals soon enter, beginning gently and progressively gaining energy, which is subtly and organically matched by Lewis’ production. The track is very catchy and, while its energy crescendos to the end, it never loses the relaxed groove that is persistent throughout.

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