Stimming – Alpe Lusia (Solomun’s Ring – The – Bell Remix)Stimming

Stimming – Alpe Lusia (Solomun’s Ring – The – Bell Remix)

Hot off a string of sexy remixes, deep house magician Solomun has unveiled a rework of Stimming’s “Alpe Lusia” from his new album of the same name. In an act of genuine sorcery, the producer has managed to create a solid groove from the string-laden orchestral orgy–the only track from Stimming’s album that doesn’t have a beat.

While the original is an opus in its own right, Solomun’s “Ring – The – Bell ” mix serves as an ascendant re-imagining that arranges instrumental stems around a cool four-four beat. The nearly nine minute track reads like an odyssey through a rabbit hole, revealing charming falsetto hooks, watchful synths, and clanging wind chimes in turn. It’s a nuanced offering that proves why Solomun’s high quality reworks are so deeply in demand.

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