A-Trak – Parallel Lines feat. Phantogram (BLU J Remix)A Trak Parallel Lines

A-Trak – Parallel Lines feat. Phantogram (BLU J Remix)

San Francisco¬†duo BLU J are at it again, returning to their remixing roots with a fresh, futuristic flip of A Trak’s newest single, “Parallel Lines.” The original single, which features vocals from Phantogram, was a soothing melodic pop piece full of smooth piano and guitar, catchy, but not all that exciting. BLU J pump some welcome energy into their version, using Phantogram’s airy, layered vocals to lead into a funky, endlessly danceable house beat that strikes an interesting balance between syncopation and drive. The sound design and song arraignment are relatively straightforward, but executed so well that they seem brand new. BLU J have proven themselves to be a name worth knowing, and this remix only cements that reputation.

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