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Watch This: Bassnectar releases new video for ‘Reaching Out’

The release of Bassnectar‘s new album Unlimited is imminent. Just in time, for if there is ever a period that the prolific producer finds himself fully in his element, it’s the summer festival season when his unique and gargantuan sound setup can show fans the true meaning of bass. Born Lorin Ashton, the producer recently kicked off his reworked festival set at this year’s Mysteryland USA.

While performing at Mysteryland, Bassnectar also surreptitiously gave fans a glimpse into the music video for his album’s lead off track “Reaching Out.” Now, Ashton has released the video properly. Directed by David Dutton, the video stars dancer Barbara Woortman as she breaks out of viscous cocoon and proceeds to float in the air (or underwater?) in a large cathedral. The video is visually arresting and open to interpretation, though Bassnectar himself says the video is about, “…human connection. But [it’s] also about our personal journeys and how they intersect in cathartic and beautiful ways in a kind of metamorphosis.”


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