Watch Deadmau5 play ‘Snowcone’ live at Free Press Summer FestDeadmau5

Watch Deadmau5 play ‘Snowcone’ live at Free Press Summer Fest

Those who braved threats of torrential downpour and possibly serious lightning storms to attend Deadmau5‘s set at Free Press Summer Fest were well rewarded as the producer played his newest single “Snowcone” for the lucky crowd. The video shows Deadmau5 intently jamming out to the track while an attentive crowd vibes along.

The track is his first official release in two years from the Canadian veteran, arriving on the heels of a misguided “hacking” snafu that essentially deleted the entirety of his experimental output and exposed much of his personal information. Though Deadmau5 hasn’t confirmed whether the track will make it onto the album, “Snowcone”‘s trip hop and ambient influences hint at an exciting new direction for the storied producer.

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