Watch Diplo’s hilarious ‘Day in the Life’ featuring James van der BeekImgres

Watch Diplo’s hilarious ‘Day in the Life’ featuring James van der Beek

After causing a stir last month with his comments belittling “lame” DJ culture — “I’m sad that I’m a part of it, but I play the game” — it seems Diplo is doubling down. In a hilariously self-effacing promo for upcoming Mad Decent Block Party dates, the controversial producer has enlisted James van der Beek to act out a “typical” day in the life of a mega star DJ.

“People come up to me all the time and say ‘Diplo, man your life must be crazy,'” says van der Beek’s Diplo at the start of the clip before offering some reassurance. “Nah, it’s just life, fam. Ain’t no different than y’alls.”

From there, the clip devolves into a serious of hilarious scenes that address public perception of his insane lifestyle. Awoken by a gilded harpist, Diplo haughtily parades through a hallway of floating money and twerking women who roll their eyes at his cheesy monologuing. Later, “little elves” slave away on mixing new music in actual Christmas garb they despise.

The video’s undoubted highlight comes during Diplo’s conference with his social media manager, an internet savvy black dude who notes with incredulity “Writing for a popular white person is hard as hell! Pay is amazing though,” before penning a series of “#FAM” laden tweets.

Ultimately, no amount of employee hatred or eye-rolling can put a damper on “the wonderful world of Diplo” and the blissfully oblivious producer who rides off into the sunset on a white horse.

Though he’s come under fire for his antics, appropriation, and arrogant affectation, the video is an indication that Diplo is at least aware of the negative press and at best, back in on the joke. After all, says van der Beek’s Diplo, “ain’t no compliment greater than a hater.”

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