ATTLAS releases ‘Bloom’ EPATTLAS Bloom EP

ATTLAS releases ‘Bloom’ EP

Once again adding to the story that develops with each new EP, Canadian Mau5trap artist ATTLAS has released his new EP, Bloom, in full. As he puts it, Bloom tells “a small story of frost melting, winter thawing to colors and sounds.” Just in time for what is sure to be a massive set this year at Veld festival in Toronto at the end of July, Bloom consists of five tracks that expound upon the distinct ATTLAS sound with some clever new touches.

The EP’s first track, “Shadow Play” has all of the usual components of a great ATTLAS track: simple, effective percussion and ethereal piano and synth chords that create deep, emotional textures. However, he adds subtle aspects of live instrumentation with a prominent, fingered bass line and low-key guitar strumming, which combine wonderfully with wistful vocals from Lune.

The second track, “Ryat,” was released prior to the EP itself. Upon first listen, “Ryat” is a straightforward, smooth-sailing track. However, after further examination, layers upon layers of subtle details start to become visible, much like when the snow melts at the end of a long winter and the world underneath is revealed once again.

Continuing the feeling of hope from “Ryat,” Kye Sones sings of giving a recently separated significant other one last chance. Even though the song is pervaded by the feeling of sadness associated with one lover abusing the trust of another, it also includes a kind of hopeful feeling in the idea of accepting the breach of trust and moving forward thereafter.

“I Need You More” is a minimal track, replete with the ubiquitous piano and synth chords heard in just about all of ATTLAS’ tracks. In the song, ATTLAS uses repeating vocal samples that communicate a the sort of rut that can transpire after the end of a relationship. Finally, “Avenue Road” brings the live instrumentation, which has been very subtle up to this point, to the forefront, showing a final discovery of an aspect that was always present in some form, but was not easily recognized.

As with all of the EPs that ATTLAS puts out, Bloom follows a central theme throughout, while each track progresses and builds on the last. The EP is available for purchase here.

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