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Studying the brains of EDM fans may help treat craving disorders

An Australian neuroscientist believes the brains of electronic dance music fans may hold the key to developing new therapies for those suffering from craving disorders. Melbourne University PhD candidate Kiralee Musgrove wants to understand the mechanisms that make EDM fans crave the drops that are ubiquitous across the spectrum of electronic music genres.

Musgrove believes the craving fans feel for an upcoming drop, combined with the predictable nature and creation of tension in the build up, can lead to breakthroughs in developing personalized musical therapies for a wide range of disorders, including self-harm, eating disorders, and substance abuse issues. She points to people often using their music as a means to “regulate their emotions” and believes that there might be a chance that music can “…help alleviate acute levels of craving and distress.”

Musgrove is currently seeking EDM fans ranging from 18-40 years old with no hearing issues and who are based in the Melbourne area to participate in her study.


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